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Gold Facial Soap

Skin of Silk, LLC

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This "Gold Facial Soap" is made of Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Manuka and Tea Tree Oil. 

*Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes the skin, heals wounds, reduces acne and lightens blemishes. 

*Turmeric helps with scarring from acne, lightens blemishes, fights acne, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and makes skin more radiant.

*Manuka Oil helps fight bacteria that causes stubborn acne, reduces appearance of scars, reduces wrinkles, fights inflammation and signs of aging. 

*Tea Tree Oil is an inflammatory, has anti microbial properties, reduces redness and inflammation while soothing skin.

*Walnut Shell Powder exfoliates the skin to help remove dead skin and cause new skin cells to emerge.

Use at least twice a day and follow with your choice of toner and moisturizer. 

Can be used directly on skin or lather onto hands then to face. 

Allergen Caution: This product contains shells from Walnut. Persons with nut allergy should not use this product.