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Blue Green Algae & MSM Powder Mask (4oz)

Skin of Silk, LLC

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Purify, refresh, and refine skin with this MSM and Blue Green Algae Powder Mask. Choose the liquid of your choice to blend with this powder and give your skin the love and pamper it needs. 

  • Delivers nourished, glowing skin
  • Blue Green Algae is rich in amino acids and antioxidants, making this an ideal mask for maturing skin
  • Vegan MSM helps to create the appearance of toned skin with a bright youthful glow
  • Clarify and purify with Bentonite and Kaolin Clays
  • Use a liquid of choice to hydrate this powder for enhanced benefits

This product is vegan.

Mix 2 parts powder to 1 part any liquid suitable for hydrating the mask. A thinner mask can be made by adding more liquid, and a thicker mask can be created with less liquid. This mask is designed for immediate use after hydration.

The liquid you use is only limited by your imagination (within safe guidelines). Try hydrating your mask with soy milk, goat milk, rice milk, any hydrosol or distillate water, most fruit or vegetable juices, vinegar, water with sea salt, or any other liquid that is beneficial to the skin.

Can be used on the face and body.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Ultramarine Blue, Organic Blue Green Algae, MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone)